1. This ‘Hobbit House’ in Wales, a low-impact woodland home that took only 4 months to complete


2. The Floating House, designed by Dymitr Malcew, it is a house for people who appreciate freedom and nature at their doorstep. You can count me in.


3. A Missouri home built into a cave. This home took more than 4 years to build and has self-regulated cooling and heating.


4. This tiny house cost only $11k and was built by Macy Miller to get away from mortgages and stress. I hear you Macy, I hear you.


5. The Glass House, West Virginia. The home was created out of refurbished windows…absolutely brilliant. 



6. Shipping container homes. The marmite of unique homes, aesthetically not for everyone but I love it. 

unique-homes20 (1)

7. You may have stayed in a luxury suite in your lifetime – but it’s likely you’ve never stayed in one quite like this. A hotel refurbished a vintage Boeing 727 airframe and made it into a luxury suite. In case you want to check it out, it’s Hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica.


8. Named ‘Hank Bought a Bus’, this bus-turned-home was an experiment of a guy called, you guessed it, Hank. 


9. Nomad micro home. For less than $30k, you can purchase one of these self-sustaining tiny houses. 



10. This is Izaak Walton Inn in Montana. At this property, you can stay in the actual cars that were used on the Great Northern Railway. 



11. The Dome Home, Thailand. This home was built by one man and a few hired (and tired) hands. Built cheaply on a grove, it’s a unique dream home that doesn’t break the bank.


12. Residence of Daisen, Japan. Rather than clearing out a forest and kicking nature in the balls, designers built a structure to naturally weave in and out of the trees.


13. The modern hobbit hole, Switzerland. Most of the house is underground but they built in a nifty outside patio with completely astounding views. 


14. Drina river home, Serbia. For the last 40 years, this home has been perched on a rock in the middle of this beautiful setting. Just make sure you balance that new sofa and the double bed correctly. 


15. The stunning Fallingwater in Pennsylvania. The home was designed by the talented Frank Lloyd Wright back in 1935 and is now a National Historic Landmark, it’s easy to see why.


16. Right here in the UK, this is the converted water tower home. The homeowners, Leigh Osborne and Graham Voce converted this water tower into this stunning home in just a just a few months. 


17. The Greek underground home. The home is built into a hill in the desert and is completely camouflaged and energy-friendly.


18. Grain silo homes. Made from recycled materials (decent), these homes can also be made to be super energy efficient.