A two-tone arrangement of pink wall butterflies adorn a little girl’s room.

I love putting together color arrangements such as this pastel spiral of my facet-folded butterflies. Each butterfly is constructed from two pieces and hand-folded to mimic wing vein patterns.

An installation of facet-folded butterflies in a purple and grey-scale gradient.

My smooth-wing butterflies in matte black, installed in a modern geometric arrangement.

A natural touch: flocking white shorebirds make me think of lazy summer days on the coast.

A modern arrangement of wall dragonflies in orchid metallic.

I make these shimmery dragons in a range of metallic papers. I can’t help but feel a little Mother of Dragons about it.

I drew & colored these butterflies in Adobe Illustrator (where all my paper art begins). I print and then cut them in 10 different colors.

Much of my wall art is facet-folded. I just love how the facets catch the light at different angles, transforming a solid color sheet of paper into a gradient of shades.

Here’s a design in progress, a first draft of wood nymphs or tree fairies.

This wall of color is where all my dreams begin. Someday maybe I’m going to take a swim in the sheets like Scrooge McDuck.

After cutting and gluing, I free-fold each piece of art by hand.