Imagine a world where you can make exciting home videos without the expensive professional photographer or the shoddy amateur camera work. Drone technology has made this dream a reality. Hobbyists and photographers have attached cameras to these flying machines to take their craft to new heights!

Here are just a few of the Kodak moments a drone can improve for you!

1. When you’re living on the edge!

Lily is one of the first tracking drones that allows extreme athletes to make their own X-Games quality movies.

Just wear the GPS locator on your wrist and throw Lily into the air. This self-flying drone will stay in the air for 20 minutes as you ski, mountain bike, white water raft, whatever. The user can tell the drone to film from ahead, to follow, or track them from above for the best action shots.

2. That moment you pop the question!

Young grooms are always trying to make marriage proposals as memorable as possible.

With this high flying technology, they can dream up an incredible way to deliver the ring to the location and film dropping to one knee at the same time!

3. Taking a selfie!

The selfie is getting old, so spice it up with a flying robot!

This growing trend, called the drone selfie, combines the snapchat craze with cinematography worthy of Spielberg!

 4. When you tie the knot!

Fully capture the majesty of your special day with this next generation of cameras!

The soaring drones have become popular with young couples who hope to have visually appealing momentos of their wedding, rather than a 3 hour long video of guests rambling next to the open bar.

5. That time you pranked your buddy real good!

We all do stupid things when we’re young. It mostly involves shaving cream in lockers or aerosol cans and lighters, but now kids have Roman candles and quadcopters.

Camera-equipped drones have our prankster minds whirling. Please don’t try this at home.

6. When you venture somewhere new.

Sometimes, we find places that words cannot describe.

Fortunately, a drone video can fully encapsulate that adventure with a quick flight over the landscape and you can bring the video back home to share with loved ones!

What would you do with a drone? Tell us in the comment section below!