Models on Instagram are a wonderful breed. Serious, pouty and alluring, these bikini clad babes are all about using social media to make themselves look as stunning as possible. There is one model however who is out to challenge the norms and make things a little more light-hearted.

Tilda Lindstam is a 22-year-old Swedish model who is giving other Instagram models a bad name. Not content to be brooding and demure, Tilda is all about making her followers laugh. A quality we can all admire.

So here are some snaps of Tilda looking positively awesome, but absolutely hilarious. You go girl.

1. Meet Tilda, the Swedish model taking Instagram by storm


2. Not your typical model, Tilda has so far managed to get 100,000 followers on the popular social media site


3. Not content with glamour poses, Tilda documents the important moments in her live… life the time she got wasted backstage at the Dior show and “made a stranger take this photo”


4. Or that time she spotted her twin in the park

“Copy my shit, expect to get hit.”


5. And when she attended the “Meth Ball”




6. Her job isn’t exactly the norm

“A stranger safety pinning my butt at work rn.”



7. But that doesn’t bother our girl Tilda

“In a cage at the zoo where I belong.”


8. Of course she’s gorgeous, but kind of goofy too. Which is adorable

“On my way to steal your girl.”




9. She is clearly #friendshipgoals


10. She has her future sorted

“Looking for a 💰 husband so I can do nothing but this forever.💍? 🏡?? Hmu”




11. Plus she isn’t a salad freak either

“Woke up like dis 🍟


12. If you’re in love with her yet, you will be after this

“Oreo talking to me?”



13. She has two main loves. Her selfie stick, and her wine

“In bed with bae.”


14. She’s also all about the granny panties

“Me and my underwear drawer that clearly says ‘No sex for me please. Thank you.’”


15. Thankfully she’s not above a great meme

“Future family goals.”


16. Or two…



17. Her wit knows no bounds

“These bitches stole my look.”


18. She knows how to poke fun at herself

“Story of my life.”



19. Showing off her glamorous lifestyle

“Close up beauty shots of me, by me.”


20. Less-than-perfect-selfies are no bother at all


21. She even lets her friends dig her out like a normal person

“Reliving precious moments #friendship #texting #neverforget”


22. While she is mega-chilled, don’t go forgetting that she’s a bloody superstar (yes that is Derek Zoolander)

“When you’re on a tinder date in the park and the papz won’t leave you alone.”


23. Don’t stop doing your thing Tilda

“Talk to the ham.”



Tilda Potton, that has a wonderful ring to it. I honestly think we’ll be really happy together. No but seriously, isn’t Tilda great?! As much as I love looking at photos of glamorous women prading around in skimpy lingerie, it’s also so nice to see a woman such as herself who is down to earth and funny on social media. Stockholm Fashion Week, I’m coming for you.