Man and beast have been forming bonds since time began, but sometimes an unlikely partnership occurs that makes even the most accepting of us sit back and take notice. I’ve seen the classic film Free Willy, so I know all about man and killer whale, but what about man and stingray?

This young lad in the video has made friends with a massive stingray, feeding it by hand and even petting it. There are several types of stingray, but none of them are particularly aggressive by nature. They of course have their poisonous tail, but they only use it when threatened.

A really nice video, this little chap shows us that even the uglier side of nature can be interesting and friendly.

Nice eh? Normally a creature that would scare most of us if we saw it in the ocean, this is an example of human and animal bonding on a heartwarming level. Not really my cup of tea, but really lovely to see.