Why You Shouldn’t Wear High Heels Every Day

For many of us, high heels are everything. They vamp our confidence, elongate our legs, and make men take notice, if only for a moment (and we know that moment means everything). Sure: we might have aching feet tomorrow, a strained ankle—but it was all worth it. Right?

But in light of a recent spike in high-heeled injuries, it’s essential we ask the question: should we actually wear high heels every day? 



A new study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that between 2002 and 2012, 123,355 high-heel-related injuries were treated in emergency rooms, mostly for women between the ages of 20 and 29. This was double the rate of the previous 10 years.

From this study, they deduced that high heels reduce ankle muscle movement, balance control, and range of motion–thus contributing to long-term conditions like musculoskeletal disorders. So, essentially: heels can really mess you up, especially if you over-use and don’t think about the environment in which you don those clackers.



High Heeled No-Go Zones

According to the study:

1. 50% of all high heeled injuries occur in the “safety” of the home. Luckily: that dismal downfall is private.

2. 10% of all high heeled injuries occur on the streets.

3. 33% of all high heeled injuries occur out in public–restaurants, clubs, your really expensive wedding reception, etc.

4. 4% of all high heeled injuries occur at school (an embarrassment that follows her through the rest of her high school career).

5. 3% of all high heeled injuries occur at places of recreation or sport, a statistic that forms countless questions in our minds. Another Serena Williams’ outfit gone horribly wrong? Hard to say.

The Bottom Line:

Just be smart with those dangerous, fashion-forward devils, and you’ll keep your legs, ankles, head, neck, and ego in check.

Do you love wearing heels every day? Would you give them up because of this study? Tell us in the comments!